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Day to Day Club Management Guidelines

Adopted by Board of Directors 04/15/2020 KennelClubWebsites.com

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1. Annual Dues

Approved by Membership Vote at Annual Meeting each year.

Effective for Club Year 2020/2021: March TO March

  • The Annual Dues for REGULAR (Individual) Membership shall be: $40.00
  • The Annual Dues for HOUSEHOLD Membership shall be: $50.00
  • The Annual Dues for ASSOCIATE and STUDENT Membership shall be: $20.00
  • Life and Junior Memberships shall have no dues assessed. (Life Memberships who wish to retain full membership rights shall pay full Individual or Household Dues)
  • Authority of pay bills

The Board is authorized to expend general funds for on-going expenses and to sustain the day-to day operations. Such expenses require no pre-approval.

The Board is authorized to expend up to $1,000 per expenditure, without pre-approval by the Members

  • Authority to make Donation / Expense Reimbursements

All expenses or purchases by members, pre-authorized by the Board, shall be repaid in full as an authorized expense, upon presentation of a receipt.

No Donations shall be made or authorized by the Board except by an authorized vote of a simple majority of members present at a Special or General Members Meeting.

The Board shall, from time-to-time, authorize the expenditure of floral arrangements to Club members who are hospitalized. The amount shall not exceed (75.00), including any tax, processing, delivery fees.

The Board may from time-to-time make donations “in memoriam” for persons who are members of The Club or are long time dog fanciers within the local communities. Such donation shall not exceed $200.00. The Board does not make donations for club member’s dogs in memoriam.

The Board shall not make donations to Political Action groups or organizations in any sum. The Board may offer a stipend to Club members who host club events at their residence.



  • Social Media/Website

The Club shall maintain the web server and web domain name registration as part of the annual Operating budget.

Red River Standard Schnauzer Club shall maintain the Club Website at RRSSC.OR

Red River Standard Schnauzer Club shall maintain a PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group and a Public Facing Facebook Page for the General Public

The Board shall from time-to-time allocate funds for upgrading and continual protection of

The web site against phishing, fraud, and mal-use incursions; and to remain current with

technological and security changes on the World-Wide-Web and electronic Media and Club Sites.

  • Rescue

The Club works directly under the Rescue auspices of the club and is not fiscally responsible for the care of any dogs placed with Club members.

The Club is not liable for any damage to persons or property done by any rescue dogs placed in Club member homes.

  • Officers (assumed by the elected Board of Directors)
    Officers Titles and Responsibilities.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board and shall have the duties and powers normally appurtenant to the office of President and those that may, from time-to-time be required to be performed in the best interest of the Club. The President shall present names and qualifications of the Standing Committee Chairs at the first Board meeting following the Annual Club Meeting, for Board Approval. The President shall have signature authority for all Club Contracts, Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies and other official documents. The President shall act as a mentor for new Standard Schnauzer owners at dog showing and sporting events, Club events, and shall ensure new members are introduced to other members at Club events. Responsible to the Board of Directors and to the membership for seeing that the programs and policies of the Club reflect the needs and aspirations of the membership and the AKC. The President may serve for up to one year, as an ex officio member of the Board. In the ex officio role, the past president does not have voting rights on any Board issues.


The Administrative Vice President (1st Vice President) shall have the duties and exercise the Powers of the President in case of the President’s death, absence or incapacity. The Administrative Vice President shall receive bank invoices from the Treasurer and audit banking and billings statements with banking balances and detailed accounting sheets, on a quarterly basis. The Administrative Vice President, with the President, shall review any Policies, Contracts, and other official Club documents, to ensure terms are applicable, necessary, and beneficial for The Club. The Administrative Vice President shall serve as the primary Point of Contact (POC) for Committee Chairs and ensure that assigned tasks, duties, and schedules are maintained and provide guidance through work and issues. Any other tasks that may, from time-to-time, be required to be performed in the best interest of The Club.

The Technology/Communications Vice President (2nd Vice President) shall have the duty to identify new technologies and platforms to share Club information effectively and that these technologies are cost efficient for club use. The Technology/Communications Vice President shall enhance two-way communications between club members, The Club members and the Board, and between the Club and external clubs and partners. The Technology/Communications Vice President shall work regularly with Club liaisons to keep abreast of outreach, educational, and legislative events that would interest members or affect the dog fancy, community, and share relevant information via Club Platforms. The Technology / Communications Vice President shall ensure Club websites, Facebook, and other outward facing technologies are kept up to date, meet best practices for security and access for persons with special needs, and are stored and backed-up at least monthly, when applicable and practical. The Technology/Communications Vice President shall ensure personal information of members remain protected while using Club sites or technologies. The Technology / Communications Vice President shall work with the Secretary to provide new members with “Welcome Package” (web site links, emails for Club sites & passwords). Any other tasks that may, time-to-time, be required to be performed in the best interest of the Club.

The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Club and of the Board, and of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by The Club. The Secretary shall have charge of Club correspondences, shall notify members of meetings, notify new members of their acceptance or no acceptance for membership status, notify directors of their election to office. Secretary will keep historical Club records, including Constitution & Bylaws, Breed Standards, contracts and insurance policies. The Secretary shall keep a roll of the members of the Club with their addresses and contact information and shall cause the current members roll to be sent to all club members by May 1st each year. The Secretary shall carry out such other duties as are prescribed in the bylaws and general operations / standing rules. Any other tasks that may, from time-to-time, be required to be performed in the best interest of The Club.


The Treasurer shall collect and record all monies due or belonging to the Club. Monies shall be deposited in a bank, designated by the Board, in the name of the Club. Club accountings shall be open to inspection by the Board and a report shall be given at every meeting on the condition of The Club’s finances. The Treasurer shall pay all bills upon receipt and report changes to regular Club costs that may occur from time to time (e.g. an increase in insurance premium costs). The Treasurer shall retain all items of receipt or payment and, at the annual meeting, present an accounting for the past year, detailing all monies received and expended during the previous fiscal year. The Treasurer is responsible for filing any IRS documentation, taxes, and keeping all Bonds and Insurance policies up to date. The Treasurer may, from time to time, be required to be bonded, to perform certain tasks. Any other tasks that may, from time-to-time, be required to be performed in the best interest of The Club.

B. Officers as the Board of Directors Responsibilities,

  • Planning the future of direction of the Club.
  • Ensuring that the needs of the membership are met.
  • Evaluating and approving the programs, priorities and activities of the Club.
  • Establishing the policies to guide the conduct of the Club.
  • Selecting the Committee Chairs and monitor the performance of Committees while permitting the Chair to manage his/her team with minimal outside interference.
  • Setting financial benchmarks and monitoring for achievement.
  • Develop the Long-Range-Plan and the strategy to implement the plan.
  • Attend all meetings, read advance material provided, and participate actively in discussions without monopolizing conversations and discussions.
  • Upholding the Bylaws of the Club.
  • Demonstrating the Club’s Code of Ethics and the AKC Code of Ethics, when representing the
  • Standard Schnauzer breed and the Club.
  • Refrain from any discussions or activities that violate Club rules, Bylaws, laws of the State of Texas.

7. Standing Committees

A. Chairs appointed by the President.

  • Specialty Shows (1 Chair for each event with authority to form independent committees)
  • Regional
  • National (when the Club is called upon to host)
  • Sunshine (1 or 2 Persons)
  • Club Events Planning (1 Chair + up to 3 persons with special knowledge in canine sports and activities e.g. -Companion/Performance Events, Education, and Conformation)
  • Nomination Committee (3 people, including Chair – once a year function)


B. General Responsibilities of a Committee Chair.

  • Attending Board meetings when requested.
  • Submitting a written Committee Report in a timely manner when requested by the Board
  • Accepting and supporting the committee's roles and recommending or revising the committee responsibilities to stay current with Club practices.
  • Preparing and Recommending a budget for Board approval.
  • Defining your committee's goals and objectives for the year with the appointed Board liaison.
  • Planning committee meetings and agenda with staff [may be via conference calls].
  • Exercising leadership.
  • Moving members toward participation and decision making.
  • Evaluating committee efforts and communicating recommendations to the Board.
  • Maintaining records and relevant information on committee work.
  • The Chair must keep sufficiently informed to interact knowledgeably with other committee members and staff.
  • Refrain from any discussions or activities that violate Club rules, Bylaws, laws of the State of Texas.
  • Become familiar with Club and AKC rules and regulations required for their committee to be successful.

8. Club Liaisons

Volunteer Position with a TWO YEAR commitment

A. Territory (includes bordering state to each Texas region)

  • North Texas / Oklahoma
  • East Texas / Arkansas, all other non-border state Regions and Foreign Country resident members
  • West Texas / New Mexico
  • South Texas / Louisiana

B. Club Liaison Guidelines

  • Club Liaisons shall act as a primary point of contact for the general membership in each region and the Board of Directors.
  • Club Liaisons may be appointed by the President or may volunteer for the role, and then ratified by a simple majority of the Board of Directors.
  • Club Liaisons may attend Board Meetings
  • Club Liaisons do not have voting rights on Agenda Items at Board of Directors meetings.
  • Club Liaisons may also sit on committees to ensure the Board's directives and committee's desires align.
  • Club Liaisons provide experience, expertise or a special insight to support the Board and Club goals and as mentors for the general membership.

9. Ground Rules for Board, Committees and Members Liaisons Meetings

  • Good business judgment and common courtesy are musts.
  • Build an atmosphere of allowing input from all parties without prejudice and be respectful of opposing views - keep an open mind.
  • No surprise issues should be presented at any meeting attending.
  • Commit the time necessary to complete assignments.
  • Represent the interests of all people served by the organization.
  • Do not use the organization to your personal advantage.
  • Keep confidential information confidential.
  • Keep the mission of the organization paramount.
  • Don't hold meetings without a clear reason. Call a meeting only when it is clearly the best way to accomplish the task

10. Club Web Site, Facebook, Other Electronic Media

  • The Club shall maintain a web site under the Club Name
  • The Club shall from time-to-time update the site to reflect current club activities, contacts, events, etc... (at least quarterly).
  • Club Members may provide the Technology/Communication VP with information, photos, research articles for review prior to placement on any Club Electronic forum.

11. Use of Newsletter/ Publications/Printed Materials/Membership Listings /Electronic Media Sites

  • The Club’s electronic media, printed materials, and publications are the property of The Club and shall be used only for information and education with written permission of the Board.
  • Club owned/managed/sponsored media sites are not to be used as a forum for discussing or furthering disagreements between club members, or for “political”, or other private agendas of THE CLUB members or outside groups members may also belong to or identify with.
  • The Club Membership, Board, and Breeder lists shall not be used or sold to promote public or private businesses, to further sales of product(s) or animal(s), political campaigning, fund raising or other activities that are not aligned with the Constitution and Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Code of Ethics of The Club.
  • CLUB MEETINGS/EVENTS: for purposes of becoming and maintaining Club Membership. Club events include meetings, matches, BBQs, educational events, socials, organized activities with outside clubs (e.g. Meet the Breeds) in which Club members’ participation is recorded via video, photography, or sign-in sheet.

Sponsoring a Trophy or Entering a dog in The Club Specialty or Event (e.g. – Fun March), does not count towards attending or participating for the purposes of maintaining voting privileges.

  • All Preferred Breeders must have current (and passing) health clearances listed on org for all breeding Sires and Dams under their custody and control.
  • Preferred Breeders must sign The Club Code of Ethics and The Club Breeder’s Code of Ethics, be in good standing with The Club, and the AKC, and have paid current membership dues with The Club.
  • Puppies, Litters and rehomed dogs may be listed on THE CLUB website and cross-posted to The Club Facebook page only if the Sire and Dam have all health clearances posted on org and the Breeder has signed The Club BREEDERS Code of Ethics.
  • Required tests to be posted are Hip Dysplasia, Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) via blood or cheek swab, annual Eye Examination by boarded ACVO veterinarian.
  • Optional tests that may also be posted include Elbow x-rays, Autoimmune thyroiditis, Cardiac Evaluation, Patella examinations/manipulation, DNA Repository for future testing.
  • The Club’s Preferred Breeders may list / link their Kennel Facebook / Website on the Club sites once they have signed the Club’s Breeders Code of Ethics and paid an annual Breeder’s Advertising fee of $20.00.


Additional Documents Incorporated into Club Operations, Rules and Regulations (most current edition or version)

  • Club Specialty Guide
  • Sweepstakes Processes (Veteran, Puppy) for Specialties
  • Perpetual Trophies (for Specialty Only)
  • Specialty Judging, Hiring Guidelines
  • AKC Show Manual
  • SSCA Specialty Guide
  • Roberts Rules of Order
  • Club Constitution & Bylaws
  • AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows


AKC: American Kennel Club

AKC RULES & REGULATIONS: All regulations adopted by AKC for sponsoring AKC recognized sports and those rules and regulations adopted by their sponsoring partners (e.g. Barn Hunt Club of America, Canadian KC). Titles and Certificates earned in these venues may be advertised on the dog entered in AKC events and shows.

ALL BREED CLUB: Any dog club formed around a dog sport that is open to all breeds of dogs (e.g. Nolan River KC or Scent work Club of Dallas). Titles may or may not be AKC Recognized.

AMENDMENTS of Bylaws — After amendments are voted upon, the club must provide AKC with the number of members in good standing as well as the date of the vote, and the number who voted for and against. A copy of the revised document must be submitted to AKC as soon as it is printed.

CLUB MEETINGS/EVENTS: for purposes of becoming and maintaining Club Membership – club events include meetings, matches, BBQs, educational events, socials, organized activities with outside clubs (e.g. Meet the Breeds) in which THE CLUB members’ participation is recorded via video, photography, or sign-in sheets. Sponsoring a Trophy or Entering a dog in the CLUB Specialty or Matches, does not count towards attending or participating in two annual meetings or events.

COMPANION EVENTS: Obedience, Rally, Canine Good Citizen levels of certifications, Therapy Dog, Puppy Pals, Emotional Support dogs, Puppy Pals, Agility

CONFORMATION EVENTS: Events intended to review breeding stock and comparison of live dog to the written breed standard for the breed of dog represented.

EDUCATION: Formal and informal opportunities to learn more about dog sports, dog health, grooming, breeding, etc... Events may be sponsored by outside dog clubs, veterinary schools or organizations via seminars, symposiums, or online educational opportunities.

GOOD STANDING: Members, 18 years of age and older, who are not suspended by The American Kennel Club, our Parent Club, or any other Dog Club, who have signed the Club’s Code of Ethics, whose voting privileges are current, and whose dues for the current year are paid.

IMMEDIATE CLUB AREA – The club’s immediate area for business (aka: focal point) is centered in Killeen, Texas in a geographic triangle serving Dallas/Fort Worth, southwest to San Antonio and Southeast to Houston.

MATCH: A non-regulatory show intended to introduce Owner/Handler and dog to the inner workings of a dog sport. Matches are offered in Conformation and Companion events. There are no points or titles awarded at Matches.

NOTICES— All club notices must be sent either via the US Postal Service, or e-mail in accordance with current AKC policy.

PERFORMANCE EVENTS: Fast Cat, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Barn hunt, Scent work, Herding, Protection Dog, Ring Sport, Search & Rescue (SAR), Certified Canine service dogs, Law Enforcement (L.E.) working canines

PREFERRED BREEDERS: Have voluntarily signed the Club’s Breeders Code of Ethics and abide by the guidelines contained therein and have paid the Preferred Breeders fee.

PUBLISHED – Mailed via US Mail, sent via email (pursuant to AKC regulations) or printed in Club newsletter or social media electronic platform (Facebook, Twitter, Website).

REGISTERED MAIL: At the Boards discretion, club related correspondences may be sent to include return receipt, tracking, signature required, and/or limited delivery directions, when appropriate.

REPRIMMAND— A written warning to a member after charges have been filed in accordance with the bylaws, and it is determined that the member’s conduct was not severe enough to warrant a suspension or a recommendation for expulsion.

RESCUE: Purebred Standard Schnauzers who do not have an identifiable owner, breeder or immediate home which the animal can be returned to.

SANCTIONED MATCH: A licensed event intended to introduce owner/handler and dog to the workings of dog sports. AKC has A level and B level matches that offer prospective clubs the opportunity to demonstrate the membership skills necessary to become a licensed dog club capable of holding successful dog show events in the future. Sanctioned matches can be in Conformation and Companion sports. There are no points or titles awarded at Sanctioned Matches.

SPECIALTY CLUB: Any dog club formed around particular events (e.g. Hunting trials or Barn Hunt) or limited to one Breed or one Group of dogs (e.g. Working Dog Club of Houston) or that provide their own registry and titling regulations (e.g. Flyball Club of North America, International Association of All Breed Canines), that are not recognized by the AKC.

SPECIALTY SHOW: (aka: Specialties) Specialties are prestigious conformation shows in which only Designate Breed may enter. They are supported with trophies and rosettes, can have Sweepstakes, allow for non-regular classes, may feature special attractions, and do not affect the calculation of the AKC point schedule for the breed. The breed’s national parent club typically holds the national specialty or “the national” annually. A local or regional breed club may also hold a Specialty in their club’s primary region of operation, known as a Local / Regional Specialty.

There are five types of specialties:

  • Independent Specialties are conducted without an All-Breed Show occupying the same space and time.
  • Concurrent Specialties are conducted with an All-Breed Show and allow for two entries of Standard Schnauzers on the same day. The entries for both rings are limited to 100 Standard Schnauzers.
  • Designated Specialties are conducted in the All-Breed ring at an All-Breed Show. They may or may not have non-regular classes and/or feature sweepstakes.
  • Evening Specialties are usually held 30 minutes after the Best in Show ring at an All-Breed
    Show and are limited to 50 entries. Sweepstakes and special attractions are not permitted.


e. Supported Entries. Supported Entries are used to bolster the breed entry at an All-Breed Show. Rosettes are usually offered for prestigious wins and trophies may also be offered. Puppy and/or Veteran Sweepstakes may be offered in conjunction with a supported entry.

SWEEPSTAKES: A non-regular competition offered in addition to regular classes and are primarily held at specialty dog shows. Sweepstakes feature puppies or veteran dogs/bitches in separate competitions, with different age classes, in which no points are awarded. Judges may be long term breeders or breed fanciers, with special knowledge about the breed that may not be licensed or approved to judge by the AKC, to judge the sweepstake competitions but must be approved by the Specialty giving Club.



Membership Approval ProcessAKC Logo seo sm 1

The approval process for new members follows the guidelines of the American Kennel Club. In order to document this process there is a specific list of tasks which need to be considered, adhered to and documented.  The tracking of this process and the required items related to same are found on this page.  

The process for membership is as follows:

  1. The individual applies for membership.
    1. The initial membership form includes the code of ethics for the individual club.  The applicant must agree to each item otherwise they are unable to complete the application.
    2. The application includes the names and email addresses for two current members the applicant believes will recommend them for membership.
  2. When the Applicant submits their application and pays their fees, two emails are automatically sent.
    1. An Applicant's email notifying them of receipt of their application by the Membership Committee and the next steps in the process.
    2. A Membership Committee email with the applicants name, address, contact information.  This email also includes the names and email address for the individuals requested by the applicant to refer applicant for membership.
  3. The next step in the process is for the Membership Committee to utilize this form for the approval process.
    1. The initial information includes:
      1. Applicant Name
      2. Application Date
      3. Applicant Email
      4. Date of First and Second Required Meeting attended
    2. Member Referrals
      1. Member 1 Name and Email
      2. Member 2 Name and Email
    3. Form Submission:
      1. When the form is submitted an email is sent to each of the referrals containing:



Red River Standard Schnauzer Club

Request for Approval


You are receiving this email because you have been named by an applicant for membership in our club.

Applicant Name


We would appreciate hearing from you regarding the applicant named above.  Please make any comments you desire BUT most importantly we need to know if you RECOMMEND or DO NOT RECOMMEND  the applicant for membership.


Do not reply to this email.


Please respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You must respond by Response Date

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.



Once emails are received from the referral the remainder of the process is administrative including:

  1. Notification of board for their approval
  2. Submission to membership
  3. Dates of action for board and membership
  4. Decision of Board and Membership
  5. Notification to Applicant of the membership decision.


(Breed) Disease Information

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Breed Standard

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